Saga #3 | Abitare

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Le persone che conosco le immagino simili a me, simili agli Eritrei. Per me sono un po’ tutti mori. Voglio dire, normali.

Filmon is 22 years old and has been blind since the age of 11 due to the explosion of a mine while he was playing in a field in his village near Asmara, in Eritrea. He came to Italy for medical treatment and since then he has lived in Bologna. Filmon is a young intellectual, he is attending the University of Political Science and would like to become a diplomat or a professor.
Bana is 16 years old, attends high school, and lived in Bologna since she was four years old. Bana is blind too, she is smart and beautiful and she knows it. Stefano and Giorgio are Filmon’s mates who came from other Italian regions to attend University. Their animated discussions are always an occasion for reflection on important topics such as political participation, new citizenship and future life.
In the meanwhile the city around them is in full swing: aggressive territorial marketing, gentrification and low cost tourism.

Filmon is waiting since three years for the conferral of the Italian citizenship and together with Bana looks forward that day to say at last: “I was born far away, I build my life here, I’m Bolognese of belly, Mediterranean by experience, European of vocation”.

concept ZimmerFrei
production ERT-Emilia Romagna Teatro – “Atlas of Transitions” project funded by Creative Europe
executive production Bo Film 
with the support of Comune di Bologna
in collaboration with Atlas of Transitions Biennale and Regione Emilia Romagna
directionAnna de Manincor
cinematography Roberto Beani
sound Massimo Carozzi
editing Massimiliano Bartolini e Anna de Manincor

second cameraman Simone Tacconelli
administration Marilisa Murgia
with Filmon Yemane
and the participation of Bana Abreham, Stefano Monti, Melissa Moralli, Giorgio Ruggero Zanolini and the baseball team White Socks
duration 30 min
year 2019
language Italian with English subtitles