The Colony
live media performance


The video was shot in Athens, on the Propylea Platia, the square in front of Athens University, and from the top of Mount Lycabettus, which offers a view of the entire metropolis. The Greek episode is explicitly inspired by the science-fiction fantasy elements of the films by Werner Herzog. Underlying the project is a basic storyline. The first colonies of alien visitors have been settled on the Earth for some time now. Some of them await the arrival of reinforcements as they outfit a landing strip, moving around according to their extraterrestrial time (a dimension with different coordinates from ours). The location is strategic: we are at the exact center of the city in which one of the Blue Planet’s most long lived civilizations was born. Nothing on the horizon, but the sky is charged with omens, and in the end the signals and invocations unleash the elements: rain, lights, thunder, lightning and dogs fill the screen after everyone else has left.

concept  ZimmerFrei
production  Festival Videodance07 – Atene
script  Anna Rispoli
photography  Edoardo Emanuele
editing  Anna de Manincor
sound  Massimo Carozzi

Maria Nikoloulea, Anna Rispoli, Vagelis Telonis

electric guitar and effects  Stefano Pilia
electric guitar and effects Manuel Giannini
voices and noises  Anna Rispoli and Anna de Manincor
turntables, analog synthesizer and samples  Massimo Carozzi
duration  35 min
year  2007
country  Italy/Greece

live performances:

May 25 2007
Festival Videodance 07
curated by Christiana Galanopoulou
Astron Cinema, Athens

September 8 2007
Festival Mutevoli Espressioni (Notte Bianca07)
Kollatino Underground – Roma

September 14 2007
Spina Festival 2007
Comacchio (FE)

November 23 2007
Art Facts
Museo della Musica, Bologna