live media performance

pan_ve live set

Panorama_Venezia is a video with soundtrack added live by three musicians, two performers and a sound designer while the images run simultaneously on two screens. It is composed of a double series of pan shots with a complete revolution of 360° in 60 minutes. The shots are accelerated twenty times: an hour lasts three minutes. On two screens running simultaneously the same dawn at the mercato del pesce in Rialto and at the Laguna Palace in Mestre, on the Canal Salso, the same sunset in campo Santo Stefano and in Forte Marghera, the same night in piazzale Candiani in Mestre and on a terrace in campo San Polo in Venice. The people depicted are present in both locations at the same time. Venice and Mestre are two parallel presents.

concept  ZimmerFrei
editing  Anna de Manincor
sound design  Massimo Carozzi


guitar Stefano Pilia
drums Vittoria Burattini
live electronics Valerio Tricoli
oscillators – turntables Massimo Carozzi
voice – foley Anna Rispoli e Anna de Manincor
duration 35 min
year 2005
production Reaction – Festival Internazionale della performance, FNV, Plug, Nuova Icona

live performances:

December 10 2005
IXem Festival 2005
Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre

March 11 2006
PLATEAUX – Neue Positionen darstellender Kunst
Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/M (D)

March 22 2006
Ausland – Raum für Kunst, Musik und Theorie, Berlin (D)

April 1 2006
I Fringes
Teatro I, Milano

11 maggio  2006
Festival Architetture Urbane
Piazzetta Forzatè, Padova

30 luglio  2006
Festival In_Visibilio
Fiano Romano (Roma)

21 settembre 2006
Festival Nextech
Stazione Leopolda, Firenze

26 gennaio 2007
Teatro Maddalene, Padova

22 e 23 giugno 2007
Short Theatre
Teatro India, Roma

13 luglio 2007
Santarcangelo 07 International Festival Of The Arts
Piazza Ganganelli, Santarcangelo


Videodance 2007
112 Vas. Sofias Building, Athens (Gr)

7 novembre 2007
Videopolis 2007
Cinema MPX, Padova