Maria Rosa Sossai – Flash Art International – april 2007

ZimmerFrei – Monitor video & contemporary art

The works by ZimmerFrei shown at Monitor Gallery are the product of two projects developed during two artist’s residencies. In these works the pace is slower, allowing for a mor contemplative view of the natural elements and an oniric and visionary narration. Why We Came takes up the passages of light and the material nature of time in a 24-hour still frame of the sardinian beach of Berchida. The few humans depicted – a woman who digs, hunters who shoot – have a story of their own, whose raison d’├ętre is elsewhere, outside the frame. Two film shorts from the series “Shooting test” were originally conceived as-yet unfamiliar places. While Controfigura (Body Double) recalls the settings of old-fashioned westerns, Third Take is a survey of Osala beach that takes place on a bridge between the sea and a river. Teenage Lightning, a road-movie, features two adolescents and a little girl along a winding mountain path. Their separation and the little girl’s subsequent solitary descent with the car off the side of the mountain have a light, ephemeral quality, typical of adolescence – a naturally lysergic power that alludes to the capacity of images to freely dilate both time and space.

Maria Rosa Sossai