Joyce Korotkin – The New York Art Review – february 2005

Ouverture – Ex Eggs

The inaugural exhibition of this new residency gallery in Lower Manhattan, curated by Daniela Lotta, features the works of Italian artists participating in the gallery’s residency program; The program focuses on projects that deal with global issues about lives and the tensions elicited between disparate peoples and environments. Standouts in this show include “Car Wash Drama”, a work by a collaborative team called ZimmerFrei, whose haunting stereographic 3-D projection in three sequential cinematic images (with sound, earphones and specially constructed viewers) present loosely constructed narratives of power and domination; more implied in the viewer’s mind than they are actually shown. Each scene is comprised of several superimposed photographs shot from different points of view, creating a faux cinema-verite moment of edgy, ambiguous interpretation, with a palpable portent of violence. This show works as a quirky introduction to a different curatorial perspective, offering hint of more good things to come.

Joyce Korotkin