Family Affair | Valenciennes
Documentary Theatre

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Family Affair is a participatory project combining documentary and theatre. The combination of poetic approach and fieldwork lets the Italian ZimmerFrei collective and the participants unfold an original narrative emerging from experiences encountered by several families living in the area of Valenciennes. The third episode focuses on fathers and the change of their figure in contemporary society especially in recomposed families. Daily events, expectations, memories and desires are transformed into short stories passing from mouth to mouth, creating a collective narrative within a multimedia performance.

This episode involved as well some professionals working with family groups, such as psychologists, social workers and one anthropologist.

concept and direction ZimmerFrei

production Open Latitudes network, Le Phénix – Valenciennes

partner Le Boulon – Vieux Condé

script Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli

sound Massimo Carozzi

video Anna de Manincor, Gianluca Mattei

participants Tracy Berteaux, Céline Comien, Françoise Comien, Jean-Henry Comien, Laëtitia Comien, Laura Comien, Léon Comien,Valérie Comien, Preng Cupi, Enzo Cuvilliez, Jonathan Cuvilliez, Isabelle Delacressonnière, Léo Delacressonnière, Micky Delacressonnière, Noémi Delacressonnière, Tom Delacressonnière, Isabelle Delobel, Alice Dupont, Jules Kfat Dupont, Matthis Dupont, Delphine Dupuis, Maïtena Dupuis, Jean-Paul Dupuis, Tahar El Amir, Patrice Gabet, Corinne Gomez, Amandine Lucu, Gaétan Lucu, Nadine Lecu, Pascal Lecu, Tanguy Lucu, Laurie Walgrave

with the special participation of Agnès Martial – Centre Norbert Elias, Marseille

Festival Cabaret de curiosités
Le Boulon – Vieux-Condé (F)
jeudi 24 mars 2016 20h
vendredi 25 mars 2016 20h