Family Affair | Torres Novas
Documentary Theatre


Family Affair is a participatory project combining documentary and theatre. The fifth episode takes place in Portugal and focuses on the ancestors and the legacy between the generations within different families.

Daily events, expectations, memories and desires are transformed into short stories passing from mouth to mouth, creating a collective narrative within a multimedia performance.

concept ZimmerFrei

production Open Latitudes 3, Materiais Diversos

direction Anna de Manincor

script Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli

sound Massimo Carozzi

video Anna de Manincor

assistant director Irena Radmanovic

interpreter Diana Martins

participants Carla, Cátia, Daniel, Deolinda, Gonçalo, Henrique, Inês, Leonor, Madalena, Manuela, Marisa, Matilde, Rita, Rute, Susana, Teresa

17-18.9 2016

Festival Materiais Diversos

Mercado do peixe, Torres Novas, Portugal