Family Affair | Ghent
Documentary Theatre

F A G 1

Each family is a small universe in and of itself. Hence you, as a part of that universe, are the expert on your family. You know what the relationships are like, how time is spent and how you live better than anyone else. Italian collective Zimmerfrei is exploring which national and local issues matter to your brood through a participatory performance incorporating you and your loved ones.
Zimmerfrei makes an intriguing series of documentaries about the contemporary family, seen from various points of view: old and young generations, moms and dads, adults without children or artists and their families. ‘Family Affair: Homeland’ is the last leg of a European tour, after having performed in other cities like Lille (‘Les Fils’), Budapest (‘Motherhood’), Lausanne (‘Childfree’) and Valenciennes (‘Les pères’). In Ghent the theme is ‘homeland’, but what does ‘homeland’ mean to you? Is the city of Ghent home to you?

Family Affair | Ghent: Homeland

concept  ZimmerFrei

production Open Latitudes and Vooruit

direction  Anna Rispoli

script  Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli

sound  Massimo Carozzi

video  Gianluca Mattei

direction assistant  Irena Radmanovic

magician Massimo Somma

with  Marijke Pinoy, Arend Pinoy, Lotte Pinoy, Titus Pinoy, Gilles Pinoy, Cesar Pinoy, Delphine Bafort, Nelly Debeuf, Rana Holail Mohamed, Mark Delaney and Massimo Somma