Family Affair | Budapest
Documentary Theatre

Sociology_Edina Emma and Maja

Family Affair is a participatory project combining documentary and theatre. The combination of poetic approach and fieldwork lets the Italian ZimmerFrei collective unfold an original narrative emerging from experiences encountered by the group of participants living in Budapest.

The fourth episode focuses on motherhood: possible future mothers, mother’s partners and children, matriarchal families, single mothers, pregnant women, young mothers, mothers with little babies, mothers of teenagers, mothers with many children or children from different partners, childfree women, son or daughters of “big figures” of mothers. Motherhood doesn’t concern only women, without mothers nobody would exist!

Assuming the changes brought by civil rights and feminism, how is the role of mothers changing in a contemporary capital city like Budapest, that is experiencing post-socialism, post-Fordist capitalism, economical crisis and global immigration at the same time?

Daily events, expectations, memories and desires are transformed into short stories passing from mouth to mouth, creating a collective narrative within a multimedia performance.

concept ZimmerFrei

production Open Latitudes 3, SÍN Culture Centre
partner Mu Theatre

coordination Trifonov Dóra

script Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli

direction Anna de Manincor

sound Massimo Carozzi

video Anna de Manincor

interpreters and assistants Éva Moharos, Emma Vidovszky


participants Igor Artner, Sisso Artner, Xénia Baricz, Adrienn Kiràli, Sára Kozák, Tibor Kozák, Mónika Raffael, Kata Simon, Orsolya Szmolka, Miklós Túri, Miklós Levente Túri, Edina Veres and Veronika

MU Theatre
1117 Budapest, Kőrösy József u. 11. (Káva Műhely)